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The Great Wall

by The Great Wall

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soco_nate thumbnail
soco_nate This is such a great record. It's so good from start to finish. It's better than almost every heavy record released commercially. Ripping progressive metal with thoughtful, well written lyrics. Also, my personal favorite performance of Dave Elitch. I've listened to this album more times than I can count. Favorite track: The Verge.
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FireFrets This album needs to be in more collections.. plenty of texture to this band!
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Stay Human 03:06
Well, I've never had illusions of living down my debts. I thought I'd be forgiven. Forgiven like the rest. How to create when lacking purpose? How to relate when no one cares? Can't reason with your data. Can't teach meaningfully. There's money where it's mouth once was. Ones and zeros when it speaks. How to grow up when out of headroom? How to relieve that final guard? How to be patient with no option? How to abide these final straws? Seven days for every family. Seven days in which to earn every penny of your promise. Every penny 'til you learn.
Underwrite everything when the forums fail. The curve expects this. Let the tone be disowned. Just know I'm not alone. I can't advocate a thing from the floor. Best if done when out of sight. Smoke reflected in the frame of a mirror. Fill your seats and reignite. Override anything when the law is stale. The rules suggest this. Let our own. Let alone. 'Cause soon we're headed home. I can't advocate a thing anymore. Best if done without a fight. Smoke reflected in the shame of an office. Resources drifting through the night. Board the doors and do it right. Sell your soul to keep the lights on.
Figures 04:35
Familiar is the feeling of our own naive assumptions. Even now do we depreciate the things we have. Say that you'll keep our secrets. There are many that keep their own. Lionize with a distant conscience, telling lies of an icon set in stone. I've never seen a place to be, aside from these museums. Expire in an gallery lest we move along. Say that you're willing to keep my secrets. There are more than I've got room for. I'm a ghost of my intuition, pulling rank on the part I thought I should control. If you follow someone's directions, when you see someone ask them how it was to treat us this way; to dazzle diluted senses with a box someone has you begging for every night an day.
Say goodbye to your city. Fare thee well, those young and old. There's a church and a graveyard. Real estate for tired souls. Help us lay the foundation. Dig your way from out of holes. Welcome back to your city. It's a shame nothing's changed. It could sleep through an earthquake, even though it's wide awake. Take the word of a jury, just ignore Exhibit A.
Magnetar 06:14
We've approached ourselves from the middle so as not to startle the herd. Let me introduce you all here beside our great wall. We were thinking it would be better if we could bury the past. But really, why should we bother if nothing here ever lasts? Let me introduce you all here beside our great wall. Towers watch us from afar; betray the truth of what they are. We're fated to meet. That magnet will reach, because our purpose is shared - signs of decay that we wear. Save our ship. Sound, our system.
I've made friends with these patterns. They obey my command. They should flow more freely, though. Like our grains of sand. It grows at a pace that exceeds our most modest of assets and reliable means. Double down on catastrophe. My portfolio swells. Signify my conquest with the ring of a bell. It grows at a pace that exceeds our most modest of assets and reliable means. The mall, in the right tone of voice, satisfies all your longings. Let the selfish rejoice. We deserve it the way we go running around. We deserve it the way we go running our mouths. We deserve it the way we go running aground. We deserve it the way we go spiraling down.
Deep in the fields there's a man with a plow, and though I'm not sure how, he'll come 'round. When in crisis we dig our heels in. We dig to find the source of this conflict, of course; our epistemic bypass. Though I'm just one of the crowd, I've allowed for it to stalk our throne. Well, in crisis we dig our heels in. We aim our antennas to the wind to listen for the sound of empty shells, 'cause in crisis we won't define ourselves. Do what you must to survive. Do what you can to get by. It's so apropos that none of us can let go. And so we proceed with this, our national dream.
I've categorized my belongings. Personal monuments I own. The waves in the sea, the heavens above… I don't want any of this anymore. Admittedly I've been excusing myself from the job that I swore. The green in their eyes, their coldblooded spies… I just can't take it in stride anymore. Well, the moment you left our lives took meaning, 'cause there's more to our minds than just believing. An important distinction now resembles both the idealized and worst of worlds. Your gods can't moderate. They can't hear the words we say. They can't hear the words we say.
The Verge 07:38
It's just the way we are. It's the motions that carried us this far. An athlete drags behind our car. Can he reinvigorate? Can't we slow to a less fatal rate? There's a heart upon our plate. Our faces turned to stone; told our children to turn and go on home, and sent them down that road alone. Furl the sails. The mast becomes a nail. Can you please elaborate? Do our horses sit behind their gate? Does their finish come up late? Confusion bears our maiden name. The speed at which our ship descends remains the same. Still hold it steady. We'll stay the course, identifying faults on the ocean floor. We'll integrate when I like your ideas. We'll integrate when I know where you're from. We'll integrate when you answer my questions. We'll integrate when your argument's numb. We'll integrate when I like your ideas. We'll integrate with a smile and a nod. We'd be the same, were I blind to the writing. Well, you can see that it's right at the top. Corruption binds us to our fate. The manufacture of demise is here to stay. We're always sorry for all we need. I'm trapped inside my skin still screaming for release…


Featuring Chris Waldrep (Vocals, Guitar), Jesse Kirberger (Guitar), Stephen Bruner aka Thundercat (Bass), and Dave Elitch (Drums, Percussion)


released March 28, 2012

Written by The Great Wall
Produced by Chris Waldrep
Recorded Summer & Fall 2011 at AIX Studios in Los Angeles, CA
Engineered by Chris Waldrep and Dominic Robelotto
Mixed by Chris Waldrep and Kit Walters
Mastered by Jamie King
All samples by Chris Waldrep,
(Chris Waldrep & Derek Donley)

Special Thanks:
Josh Buma, Curtis Wright, Miles Rifkin, Nicholas Marsh, The Ventriloquists, Intronaut, letlive., Behold... The Arctopus, Nick Miller, Josh Newell, Will Jenkins, Emma Shavick, Mark & Mona Waldrep




The Great Wall Los Angeles, California

The ecology of BCC is God's ecology.

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